Featured: Pelargonium Sidoides

We’d love the opportunity to tell you about Pelargonium sidoides, the foundation of our business and a powerhouse ingredient for cold and flu phytomedicines .

Innovation: RosaLipid TM

RosaLipidTM  is a natural solution for osteoarthritis and joint pain, derived from wild rosehip berries.



We are excited to introduce you to our wild-harvested, organic certified rosehip from the Drakensberg mountains of Lesotho. Our range of rosehip products covers every sphere of natural product applications: cosmetics, food and beverage and nutraceuticals.


Branded Ingredients from African Herbs

Afrigetics Botanicals specializes in the supply of wild-harvested herbs from Southern Africa. Our branded ingredients offer innovative solutions for the natural treatment of colds and flu, stress, osteoarthritis and low-testosterone. These novel ingredients are the basis of a growing number of successful products around the world, helping people with natural alternatives to synthetic pharmaceutical medicines.


Our Story

Afrigetics is dedicated to unveiling the immense healing potential of  Southern African medicinal herbs.
Our award-winning team prides itself on being a powerhouse of innovation and discovery, with world-class standards of quality assurance and international export know-how.  Our purpose is to put these sustainably harvested herbs into the hands of more and more people around the world for the wellbeing of humanity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to identify and develop new medicines from the vast botanical resources in Southern Africa

Our Values

We honour the inherent value of African medicinal herbs. We respect nature and strive to employ the best practices in sustainable wild harvesting. We strive to uplift the communities we work with by developing profit sharing and skills development partnerships with indigenous people.

Our Mission

Afrigetics wish to introduce to world to the immense healing power of African botanical resources. We are committed to developing commercially viable ingredients and developing strong supply chains to deliver our product to the international wellness market.


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