AnaTest TM testosterone booster

Product Description
AnaTest TM extract derived from bulbine natalensis is used as a natural ingredient in food supplements to boost testosterone.

A freeze-dried herbal powder suitable for tablets and capsules.

Active ingredient
Anthraquinones, saponins

Packaging Description
1kg silver foil ziplock bag.





Why AnaTest TM?
If you’re a man over 30 then the chances are that you’re experiencing the effects of low testosterone. A testosterone supplement will help to improve energy, reduce belly fat, improve muscle strength and tone. Better testosterone levels will also make you feel like you have your drive back again – it puts the fight back into you.

How To Use It?
Our unique plant extract AnaTestTM which increases your testosterone levels. Your body has a natural testosterone cycle that can be enhanced through using AnaTestTM because it can effectively reduce the troughs and increase the highs of your natural testosterone cycle so that you constantly operate at higher levels than before.

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