Artemisia Afra Powder (African Wormwood) 1kg


Product Description
Artemisia afra milled powder

Packaging Description
Silver foil ziplock bag, 1kg net

Note: The price listed is for R & D 1kg samples. We specialize in the bulk trade of these ingredients and offer internationally competitive bulk herb pricing. Please speak to us about our bulk pricing: or Whatsapp +27(0)813655784



Artemisia afra is one of Southern Africa’s most loved plants for treating viral colds and flu.
The traditional use of this plant is well documented and a tonic of artemisia tea is one of the most widely used remedies for winter ailments.
Recent research into this miraculous plant has revealed anti-malarial properties due to the presence of artemisinin discovered in 1972 by Tu Youyou, who was co-recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine for her discovery. Modern day research focuses on the potential for treating coronavirus. Researchers found that the leaves of Artemisia extract showed anti-viral activity after being extracted with pure ethanol or distilled water. Curiously, the anti-viral activity increased considerably when the ethanol extract was combined with coffee. “I was surprised that Artemisia extracts worked much better as a derivative, and that adding coffee increased the anti-viral activity,” said Klaus Osterrieder, professor of virology at the Free University. In April, Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina promoted an unproven herbal concoction made from the Artemisia annua plant produced in the country called Covid-Organics.

Note: Afrigetics specializes in the supply of wild-harvested and organically cultivated African ingredients.
Our products are processed and packaged within an FSSC22000 environment and adhere to the international standards required by pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.  Technical documents are available for each of our products from our dedicated QA office.
Afrigetics is a vertically integrated supplier and thus controls harvesting, drying, processing and extraction from start to finish. 

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