PelaPower TM for coughs and colds

Product Description
PelaPower TM pelargonium sidoides extract is used as a natural ingredient in food supplements and herbal medicines  to treat symptoms associated with the common cold, especially for bronchial infections.

A dry powder extract made according to the pharmacopoeia monograph (see technical specifications below).

Active ingredient

Packaging Description
Silver foil ziplock bag, 1kg net

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With over 16 years experience of supplying Pelargonium sidoides to our customers around the world we have come to understand this powerful plant medicine better than almost anyone. Our expertise has led us to the development of a standardized extract of pelargonium which is poised to unlock the significant healing potential of this plant for the world of natural, plant-based medicines.

PelaPower ™ is a pelargonium sidoides standardised dry powder extract which has been made according to the principles of the EMA monograph. By making an equivalent extract that complies with the EMA guidelines our customers can create products that enable them to make health claims of pelargonium medicines recognised in the pharmacopoeia.

Technical features:
– Dry extract, (DER 4-25:1)
– Extraction solvent ethanol 11% (m/m)

Our process: The raw material is first tested as per the European Pharmacopoeia specification. We then produce a liquid extract as per EMA monograph DER 4-25:1 extraction using 11% ethanol. This is vacuum oven-dried to yield a 100% native extract. The 100% native extract can then be blended with excipient (maltodextrin or microcrystalline cellulose) to obtain a standardized active ingredient profile.

We offer three variants:

1. PelaPower TM EMA11-100
100% native extract.

2. PelaPower TM EMA11-70
70% native extract.

3. PelaPower TM EMA11-10
10% native extract.
Standardized for 60ppm umckalin.

Afrigetics is a vertically integrated Pelargonium supplier and thus controls harvesting, drying, processing and extraction from start to finish. This means we have the ability to control starting Umckalin content of the raw material and thus determine an accurate outcome of active content in our extract as well as control raw material cost.



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