Pelargonium sidoides Pieces High Umckalin Grade 1kg


Product Description
High umckalin pelargonium sidoides (Not less than 200ppm)
Dark brown to reddish pieces of shredded whole Pelargonium root, cut and sifted according to customer specification.

Not less than 200ppm umckalin.

Active ingredient

Packaging Description
1kg  – foil ziplock bag.
10kg  – plastic bucket with tamper proof lid and double inner PVC 70 micron food grade plastic bags.

Note: We specialize in the bulk trade of these ingredients and offer internationally competitive bulk herb pricing. Please speak to us about our bulk pricing: or Whatsapp +27(0)817819443



Afrigetics specializes in the supply of wild-harvested Pelargonium sidoides and offers a range product from raw materials to extracts and finished products. Our products are handled within an FSSC22000 environment and adhere to the requirements of the international marketplace.


Afrigetics is a vertically integrated Pelargonium supplier and thus controls harvesting, drying, processing and extraction from start to finish. This means we have the ability to control starting Umckalin content of the raw material and thus determine an accurate outcome of active content in our extract as well as control raw material cost.

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Weight 1 kg

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