Sutherlandia tea cut

Product Description
Sutherlandia is Southern Africa’s most widely used medicine. It’s a bitter tonic and adaptogen used for a very diverse range of ailments. You could say that Sutherlandia is like the ginseng of Africa, used as a daily tonic to promote a healthy, long and happy life.

Dried aerial parts: stems, leaves and flowers.

Active ingredients
Saponins, GABA, L-canavinine.

Packaging Description
1kg silver foil ziplock bag.



Why Use Sutherlandia?
This herb is something that can be used on a daily basis as a tonic for good health. The medicinal properties of this plant are so numerous that it can be used for just about everything because it improves the general vitality and health of the whole body.

How to use it?
A daily dose of about 1-2 g of the dry herb is taken by infusion or decoction.
Adding a large dose of honey or a natural sweetener is a common way of helping to get past the bitter taste.

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