Our new product, RosaLipid TM, derived from wild-crafted rosehip berries, is an exciting new option for natural osteoarthritis treatment.

This extract is rich in galactolipids, one in particular referred to as GOPO, which has shown to be effective for pain relief, increased joint mobility and as an anti-inflammatory.

In epidemiology, half of the world’s population aged 65 years or older has OA, which is the most prevalent disorder of articulating joints in humans.

RosaLipid TM which is rich in the galactolipid GOPO, is a natural and effective ingredient that has the power to make a real difference to the quality of life of OA suffered.

How does RosaLipid work?
(The secret is the unique concentration of galactolipids.)

The Galactolipid in RosaLipid TM  is known to have immense ‘chondroprotective capacity’. In joints effected by osteoarthritis, white blood cells undergo an ‘oxidative burst’ response. The cells produce vast quantities of toxic free radicals which wear down cartilage by attacking the vital proteins which keep cartilage stable. Eroded cartilage exacerbates pain, discomfort and swelling. The galactolipids antioxidant effect is due to its influence on gene expression. It stimulates the activity of antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase and catalase, which deactivate free radicals. It  also enhances the expression of genes which build collagen at joints and it actively restores key cartilage building cells, called chondrocytes.

It is now known that these galactolipids do not act alone, but in concert with many other phytochemicals in the rosehip complex. These other bioactive ingredients enhance the biological effect of RosaLipids ™4:1, helping to break the vicious cycle of joint inflammation, alleviating pain, restoring quality of life and protecting mobility.

This insignificant looking plant contains a treasure trove of medicinal compounds and has been part of  healing practices for millennia. Rosehip is an example of nature’s extraordinary ability to offer healing solutions.


The efficacy of the GOPO extract as a natural anti-inflammatory has been well researched. This extract has been the subject of a number of double blind, placebo controlled trials involving hundreds of osteoarthritis sufferers (Christensen et al, 2008). A meta-analysis of data from three prominent studies confirmed that GOPO offers “significant and robust joint pain relief, enabling a reduction in the consumption of rescue medications” (NICE, 2014).

Pain Relief

A meta-analysis of data from three prominent studies confirmed that GOPO offers “significant and robust joint pain relief, enabling a reduction in the consumption of rescue medications” (NICE, 2014).

Reduced Medication

Winther’s 2013 clinical trial focussed on patients with osteoarthritis of the dominant hand. 90% of the subgroup taking rosehip containing GOPO reported reductions of pain in the hand while on active treatment. Active treatment also resulted in a 33% reduction in the consumption of rescue medication. Symptom reduction was still present 3 weeks after a switch to the placebo, further evidencing the long duration of GOPO’s action (Winther et al., 2013).

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This is a summary of the scientific conclusions reached by the Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC) on the medicinal uses of pelargonium root. The HMPC conclusions are taken into account by EU Member States when evaluating applications for the licensing of herbal medicines containing pelargonium root.

This summary is not intended to provide practical advice on how to use medicines containing pelargonium root. For practical information about using pelargonium root medicines, patients should read the package leaflet that comes with the medicine or contact their doctor or pharmacist.

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