“Why am I so excited about this ancient succulent called Sceletium tortuosum?

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This herb is not singular in its function.

It can be used to enhance your cognition, increase your stamina, and improve your insulin sensitivity. It even works as a calming agent or to uplift your spirits and mood.

It does not end there.

The San people also ingested this herb prior to ceremonial rituals to help increase their levels of empathy and feelings of gratitude. This fact was finally confirmed by scientists when they discovered it effectively increases serotonin levels throughout your body.

Over the next couple of posts, I will explain how to apply this beautiful herb to various aspects of your life.

But don’t just take my word for it. Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman had some fascinating things to say about sceletium during his episode ‘The Science of Gratitude & How to Build a Gratitude Practice’ (Time Stamp: 1:14:07).”

– Inus Schoonraad
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Listen to the podcast here: https://lnkd.in/dHx-KziE

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